Iraten’s History

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Iraten’s History

Born in the SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS technology park in 1989, IRATEN Solutions has distinguished itself in the conception, development and marketing of software dedicated to optimization and automation of business IT systems.

It specialized in the supply of technical packages in fields related to the industrialization of

heterogeneous IT production (flow management, integration, dematerialization, …).

In January 2017 IRATEN Solutions is bought by Patrice Flori, who then renewed the team.

IRATEN Solutions publishes professional softwares that meet the needs of optimization and automation of companies’ information systems.

Strong of its experience of publisher acquired with big national and international accounts, IRATEN Solutions offers a wide range of products whose reliability and robustness are recognized by professionals of large IT sites.

It also provides support and maintenance services on all its professional software guaranteeing thus the durability of the solutions put in place at its customers.


The clientele is mainly composed of large companies, French or foreign,

Large heterogeneous information systems: Administrations, Banks, Insurance, Services, Transport.

From a “proprietary systems” oriented initial offer (mainframe Bull / GCOS8, servers and

Microsoft / Windows computers) for large accounts, IRATEN Solutions has developed a professional software called Oriade in an open environment J2E.

This professional software is an open platform, adapted to heterogeneous environments in order to facilitate migrating to clients’ open systems and gaining new customers.

In this context, and to allow greater openness to new markets, marketing

is strengthened through targeted partnerships in the areas of: data integration, desktop publishing,dematerialization, teletransmission ….

Oriade has the major advantage of being a true open platform based on

recent technological developments enabling it to comply with:

– technical part of the RGI

– Specifications for remote transmission devices (Article D.167-23 – Public Accounting)

The solutions implemented with our customers regard :

– Automation and security of data flow management

– The supply of data of dedicated servers (printing, GED, ETL, or other)

– Dissemination of data flows to the end user (dematerialization)

– Application integration (tactical EAI)

– EDI.