SRA - Purchasing Reconciliation Service

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Oriade SRA, what is it?

Our tool for reconciling and verifying purchasing department data, Oriade SRA saves time and money for every company. In fact, performing all these verifications by hand takes up many hours unnecessarily each week. In addition, we must not forget the errors that can pass under the radar of the human eye. These inattentions result in financial losses, sometimes significant, for the company.


Our solution interfaces with an EDM (Electronic Document Management) or with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).
Thanks to character recognition, our algorithms analyse the entire content of purchase orders, supplier invoices and delivery notes. Then, SRA highlights irregularities
- Over-invoicing
- Incomplete order
- Delayed delivery.
Oriade SRA is a first step towards Procure to Pay or P2P.

The SRA software indicates here that there is an error at the "Kemisty" supplier.
There is also
a delay at the ENI supplier.


After clicking on the supplier, we access each order, line by line, and can see the errors, highlighted: if the delivery for an order is incomplete, if it is late, if it has been overcharged by the supplier... The line automatically turns red.


Regardless of their short-term goals, the ultimate goal of all purchasing departments must be to gain agility and intelligence through fluid processes, advanced systems and skilled talent.

Using SRA you will also have access to a BI table of your suppliers' performance:Supplier Performance BI Table

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While you're waiting to choose, you'll be able to understand how solutions such as Oriade SRA can improve the life of purchasing managers!

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