Oriade Smart IOT - Operating Platform

In Data we trust!

With more than 30 years of experience in new technologies, at Iraten we are committed to satisfy the needs of our customers by means of personalized offers. This is where our desire to develop our intelligent IoT exploitation platform project was born:

Oriade Smart IoT

A 100% personalized offer

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Management of your professional equipment: 

Geolocate live on a map with precision all your professional or personal equipment.

Temperature management

Our sensors enable us toanalyse and recognise real breaks in the cold chain.

Shock and vibration management

Our sensors provide intelligent, accurate and non-invasive real-time alerts. This allows a better follow-up of your deliveries.

A turnkey platform


Several accounts can be created and you will be able to manage all your registered sensors, with your collaborators.


You will be able to view the history of the trips, over the period of your choice. You will find all this information on a map for better legibility.


Configure your alerts to be notified of any theft or a possible breakdown or break in the cold chain. This will allow you to plan your maintenance and thus improve your performance.


This function allows you to geolocate live and accurately on a map all your professional or personal equipment.


Navigate on a professional platform in complete safety. Your data is confidential and only you have access to it.

100% personalized

We offer a tailor-made service, adapted to the needs of your company, with customizable alert feeds.

SAM sensors:

  • Long battery life : up to 2 years depending on use

  • Intelligent sensors : capable of analyzing behaviour patterns.

  • Real time tracking : You just have to connect to your space on Oriade Smart IoT from your computer or your mobile!