Oriade ETL Extract Transform & Load

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Oriade ETL Extract Transform & Load

Oriade is a cloud service for processing data of various sizes ranging from low volume to big data. It allows the collection,archiving, storage of data in the cloud and their secure sharing between :


- databases


- of applications


- web services,


For commercial partners, public institutions or between different departments of the same organisation.

It also provides relevantadministration and monitoringtools to ensure the traceability of exchanges.



1 - Extract

This first step consists of extracting raw data from different sources.

2 - Transforming

The transformation consists of formatting the extracted data by applying custom rules. Transformation means converting them to the correct format. This step cleans, verifies, enriches and qualifies your data.

3 - Storage

Once your data has been transferred and qualified, it will be usable and stored in a dedicated space: the cloud.

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Intuitive platform


Oriade enables the automation and control of exchange and processing processes in their

globality, thanks in particular to a powerful task planner.


In addition, the wide variety of interfaces facilitates integration within a highly automated production environment (scheduler, supervisor, ...).


Oriade has a complete catalogue of interfaces, among them :


Web-based graphical user interface


-Batch interface (OriadeCommand) for control and querying


-Deported agent (OriadeAgent) communicating via JMS (XML messages, JSON)


-API interface accessible by Java program or webservice (WSDL)


-Mainframe connectors: Bull/Gcos8 sysout (RSM8 interface), IBM/zOS spool (JES interface) /AS400


-Other connectors: any type of JEE/JCA compliant interface


-Event notification service communicating via JMS (XML messages, JSON)


Oriade allows the securing of exchanges at several levels by the implementation of various TLS/SSL mechanisms ensuring independence from the applications used (HTTP, FTP, SFTP, SMTP, VSFTP, AS2...) X.509 ensuring independence from uses (authentication, encryption, decryption, signature, management of revocation lists) and the identity of an object (person, server, application...).


- Confidentiality of exchanged data ensuring that an object will not be read by an unauthorized third party


- Integrity of transmitted data ensuring that an object has not been modified


- Automatic byte-byte restores (where protocol permits)


- Backup link/protocol with automatic failover in the event of a network problem



Oriade allows, through a constantly updated repository, a complete follow-up of the activity. The interfaces offer many possibilities, among others :

- Online monitoring via a web interface or a posteriori by consulting the event log

- Alarm feedback indicating events (normal ends, abnormalities)

- Archiving of events in a log according to a configurable life cycle

- Availability of several monitoring levels depending on the user profile (roles)

- Application of selection filters: process status (in progress, successful, failed, ...), date, source, target, ...

- Possibility of different unitary or grouped actions on processes (restart, delete, continue), on files (download), on correspondents (activate/deactivate)