The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT)

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The IoTs, what are they?

IoT is the acronym for Internet Of Things and represents the interconnection between the Internet and physical objects, places and environments. The name designates a growing number of objects connected to the Internet, often through sensors, thus allowing communication between our so-called physical goods and their digital existence. These sensors emit data that can be processed and stored in order to be analysed and enriched to make the most of them. All this data can be remotely controlled through our platform. To put it simply, IoTs bring together the entire ecosystem of connected objects.

Which sectors are affected by the arrival of IoTs?

All sectors are concerned today! IoTs are becoming more and more known by the general public, especially with the arrival of smartphones in 2007 or connected watches, or even connected household equipment. Today, IoTs are revolutionizing many areas of activity such as :

 Industry: IoTs allow for better monitoring of the production line and thus faster scheduling of maintenance of faulty equipment. Sensors that detect this failure will be able to generate automated alerts. This allows companies to better manage their operating costs, improve the speed of intervention and thus increase their performance.

Transport and logistics: Companies will benefit from a better management of their vehicle fleet, allowing them to geolocate all their professional equipment directly.

Health: The Internet of Things in the medical environment allows to follow the vital constants of patients at a distance and thus to identify certain medical problems. This technique is widely used in medical equipment to facilitate the work of health personnel. The IoT thus helps people suffering from chronic diseases. It helps to prevent the risk of stroke by analysing a patient's heart rate, or to collect glycemic data to monitor diabetics. IoT also has a role to play in monitoring the elderly.

What developments for IoTs?

The Internet of Things is a booming market that offers great opportunities for these different players. Today we are able to connect almost all objects, but we still need to know how to connect them! There is an exponential growth of collected data, however raw, they have no value. This is why in the future it will be necessary to format and cross-reference them. Once the objects are connected to each other, they will be able to provide more relevant data.

Iraten Solutions at the heart of this trend!

The IoT (Internet of Things)

With more than 30 years of experience in new technologies, at Iraten we are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers with personalised offers. This is where our desire to develop our project for an operating platform for intelligent IoTs was born: Oriade Smart IoT.

In an era where digital technology has become indispensable, we have decided to embark on the use ofintelligent sensors, capable of analysing all kinds of situations in real time, effectively and pertinently. We adapt our proposals according to the needs of your company in order to provide you with a 100% personalised offer that will give you a significant competitive advantage.

Our sensors can be programmed to perform one or more tasks such as:

GPS: Geolocate live on a map with precision. Also helps prevent theft and breakdowns through automatic and intelligent analysis of vehicle behaviour patterns. An alert is also sent in case of technical problems or theft.

  • Temperature: Check the temperature and the cold chain. Our solution is able to analyze andrecognize real cold chain breaks (e.g. for the transport of vaccines and food).
  • Shock and Vibration: Real-time, accurate and non-invasive intelligent alarms for monitoring fragile products or works of art.
  • All these options can be combined in a single sensor, allowing for global control. Our sensors recognize key behaviors related to your business and alert you immediately. These revolutionary sensors can be used in multiple industries.

Feel free to visit our Oriade Smart IoT page for more information on our products related to the Internet of Things.