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Iraten Solutions: presentation

About Iraten Solutions and its Oriade platform

Born in the SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS technology park in 1989, IRATEN Solutions has distinguished itself in the design, development and marketing of software dedicated to the optimization and automation of business computer systems. Since then, it has specialized in the supply of technical packages in areas related to the industrialization of heterogeneous IT production (flow management,...

"Consumer Electronics Show 2021

Iraten Solutions participates in CES Las Vegas 2021 What is the CES "Consumer Electronics Show"? The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a trade show organized every year in January in Las Vegas by the American Consumer Technology Association (CTA). The show is a major event in the field of technological innovation. It is a showcase for...

The ETL, a solution for managing your data

What is the ETL process? ETL is an acronym for "Extract Transform & Load", which stands for Extract, Transform and Load. ETL can be defined as an automated computer tool that collects raw data, extracts the information needed for analysis, transforms it by applying a format...
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How to optimize your merchandising plan thanks to machine learning?

What is Machine Learning? Machine learning or "automatic learning" in French is a concept that is becoming more and more popular in the computer world. Machine learning is a computer programming technique that allows machines to learn without having been programmed for this purpose. It can be used for...
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Company looking for digital solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoTs, what are they? The IoT is the acronym for Internet Of Things and represents the interconnection between the Internet and physical objects, places and environments. The name refers to a growing number of objects connected to the Internet often through sensors allowing communication between our so-called physical goods and ...
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