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About Iraten

IRATEN Solutions was founded in the SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS technology park in 1989 and has distinguished itself in the design, development and marketing of software dedicated to the digitisation and automation of company computer systems [...].


Our services



Our Cloud platform has an Extract Transform & Load module. This is a middleware computer technology that allows massive synchronization of information from one data source to another by applying processing to them in passing. […]


SRA Purchasing Reconciliation Service

Our tool saves every company time and money. In fact, performing all these checks by hand takes many hours every week, not to mention the errors that can go under the human radar, resulting in financial losses that can sometimes be significant for the company.


Platform Oriade Smart IoTs

At Iraten, we are collaborating on a number of Intelligent IOT projects, these connected tools that are revolutionising industry, the medical world, and even the lives of individuals. Indeed, we have proven our ability to embed (integrate) a standard platform into intelligent IoTs equipped with sensors ...


Key team members




Owner of Iraten Solutions

for over three years, after a career of almost 20 years as a as an IT manager in the industry in Monaco.

Noëmie Maston


Marketing-Business Dev

Competence in marketing and customer relations, experience in

the service industry financial after a Master's degree from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis. Speaks 5 languages.

If Quoc Viet


R&D Manager

PhD in Networks

Computers and Telecommunications of ISAE-SUPAERO. Creating a communication through satellite for his thesis.





Full-Stack. Master's degree in programming from the University of Reims. Experienced in Java, C, C++, .net, JavaScript, Python PHP

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Digital Excellence Forum ICT 2019 Helsinki

Iraten is happy to announce that we will be attending the 2019 ICT Digital Excellence Forum in Helsinki this year! With no less than 30 BtoB meetings booked already...

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About Iraten Solutions and its Oriade platform

Born in the SOPHIA-ANTIPOLIS technology park in 1989, IRATEN Solutions has distinguished itself in the design, development and marketing of software dedicated to the optimization and automation of systems .

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We help them in their digitalization!

A small example of Iraten's work

Click on the video to discover Oriade Predictive Merchandising, developed for a major French food retail group.

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